2015-16 Spring Enrollment Application



The answer to this question begins differently for everyone. It may have been the liability insurance, an enticing giveaway, or the recommendation of a trusted colleague. Many of you have examined our Resolution statements and found that NEA’s goals match your own.

Over the years, you may not have agreed with every decision that has been made, or every package we negotiated. Yet, you’ve known that we were the ones who were in your corner every day, every time you needed us, working to make your working conditions better so that you could do what you came to do: teach the children of Shawnee Mission.

Despite the challenges we’ve met this year, NEA-Shawnee Mission has continued to support its members in many ways. Here’s a partial list of the benefits provided:

  • Negotiators are supported by local dues and training from KNEA
  • Classroom management and curriculum information
  • Representation on the district’s PDC and the Benefits Committee
  • NEA-SM’s president meets regularly with Dr. Gene Johnson, the Superintendent
  • Current programs and problems are addressed with Dr. Gilliam Chapman, the Superintendent for Secondary, and Ms. Debbie Pfortmiller the Superintendent for Elementary
  • Our local PAC committee meets with local and state candidates for interviews regarding specific education-related issues
  • Classroom programs are available on various topics
  • Read Across America activities
  • KNEA lobbyists work in Topeka to promote school funding
  • NEA works with the Dept. of Education in Washington on NCLB, and the NEA president speaks regularly with the President of the United States about your welfare and that of your students
  • KNEA works with the Dept. of Education in Topeka on state standards for students and for teacher licensure
  • Discounted rates are available through Member Benefits on insurance, magazines, loan programs and travel information regarding school issues
  • Input about school issues
  • Training workshops
  • Contract representation, enforcement and negotiation
  • One of the best salaries in the state
  • Your KNEA ACCESS card offers free and reduced cost opportunities—the average member who uses the card saved $600 per year—more than the cost of dues
  • Legal representation in job related incidents
  • Reduced fees for legal service unrelated to the job
  • Paid insurance policy with membership
  • Educators’ Employment Liability Insurance–$1,000,000 per case
  • A full time released President, director and assistant to answer calls and assist members
  • 100% of dues are income tax deductible, if you itemize

Now more than ever, it is important to share this information with a colleague. See your building representative to get an enrollment form.  Approach your friends who are potential members and share the reasons why YOU are a member of NEA!

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